Professional methods in carpet cleaning for sustainable cleanliness

A professional carpet cleaning involves more than just vacuuming the textile floor covering . Special procedures are coordinated with the carpet cleaning on the materials and on the dirt that need to remove it. Just when textile floor coverings a higher average running and Nutzbelastung will be exposed to methods such as spray extraction or Faserpadreinigung will be carried out under a carpet cleaning.

The Faserpadreinigung is used for all textile floor coverings which are sensitive to moisture. Here, the cleaning agent is applied and incorporated by means of a fiber pad machine into the carpet fibers . After an exposure of the carpet is extracted and purified.

Moreover, this purification process ensures that the textile floor covering may reject dirt becomes better in the future. Another method of professional carpet cleaning is shampooing.

Especially if carpets are part of the habitat and pollution can be caused by spilled drinks , road grime , and other factors such as dust and moisture, everyone must have a professional carpet cleaning. Just as the cleaning of textile floor coverings can be sustainable and gently.

The carpet cleaning with their specialized methods such as spray extraction, the Faserpadreinigung and dry cleaning services offers the Kruger Kruger & Facility Services GmbH. The carpet cleaning offers senior housing, municipal, residential administrations and enterprises, including the so-called basic carpet cleaning, the first freed the textile floor covering of intensive month-long, or even years of dirt. Then a regular carpet cleaning, sustainably protects the carpet against new dirt Following. Clean carpets contribute to a better life, living and quality of work.