Carpet cleaning

You can`t imagine an apartament without a carpet. Dust allergies should have designed carpets, because the fibers bind the dust and not commit as a smooth floor (laminate, parquet or tiled floors ) when, or if slight pulling kicking up the dust. But in course of time collects all sorts began between the carpet fibers. Coarse dirt from the road, or hair can be still seen with the eye, hair of cats or dogs, however, quantities of dust mites and bacteria of all kinds are not visible and soil the carpet increasingly.

Hygiene is important. Therefore not only allergies are there thorough carpet cleaning, but every hygiene conscious carpet owners. A carpet should be washed every two to three years. With suck and shampoo you can not move effectively to body dust, dirt, mites and co. The contrary, together with residues of detergent forms of dust a breeding ground for more bacteria and dust mites.

The optimal carpet washing. Over time, special methods have been developed for all types of carpet for Berber there are washing machines, for oriental carpets flat washes . For silk carpets , rugs or design mostly manual work is called for. You should make sure that the carpet cleaning company does not clean their carpets with chemicals, since the chemical cleaning often leaves behind residues in fibers which can then contaminate the carpet faster. There are many carpet cleaners with biodegradable detergent such as the work on core soap base.

The carpet specialists also have special drying equipment where the carpets are suspended in warm ambient air and dry relatively quickly so even in winter.