The spring cleaning is upon us – Tips on Carpet Cleaning

If you lie down already for spring cleaning right into the stuff, then you should not forget your carpets. Through constant stress rapidly dark running tracks can emerge or spread one or other stains.

However, we advise caution with chemical cleaning agents , often help even simple home remedies or beating , to bring the carpet back into shape .

FrühjahrsputzDer is a good old carpet beater.

If you have out there the possibility of smaller rugs hung as on a clothes able to help ordinary tap out already at the coarse dirt particles to solve . We recommend additional vacuuming of the carpet.

Here’s how the dried stains are on the collar:

As can be larger rugs or carpeting carry out certainly impossible , we advise you to clean the stains with a self-mixed soap. This mix easily with water and detergent. Just rub the suds with a soft brush into the fibers of the carpet , leave to act for something and then dry well with a dry cloth.

You need to be a little more cautious with very sensitive carpets ran to the spot . For best results, the soapy water on a damp cloth and blot from the outside in on the dirty spot . Subsequently, the detergent dab with water and dry with a cloth. If the stain proves to be stubbornly , repeat the procedure again.

If all fails – a chemical cleaning agent will help only.

Integrates with the home remedies achieve nothing in stain removal , this only started with chemical cleaning agents . In stores you will get different products for carpet cleaning sprays to powders. Please read in any case, the use instructions carefully and follow the appropriate steps .

Prevention is the best care for the carpet:

You should prevent the stains after successful cleaning or buying a new carpet. For stronger stains only have no chance , you can impregnate your carpet , sodas rolls off the dirt better. Especially dry patches can be so easily with a vacuum cleaner to suck away . Modern and high quality rugs are usually already impregnated by the manufacturer.